Who the heck is Jessica?

NSW Storms SunsetHello all! My name is Jessica!

Welcome to my blog! I’m excited you have stopped by. Feel free to take a look at what I will be writing.

I was born and raised in New South Whales Australia. Grew up on the coast! It was an awesome childhood. Family outings on the weekends were filled with shopping and going to the beach. My favorite beach to go to was and still is, Bondi Beach!!!

I am the middle child..Yep right smack dab in the middle of one younger and one older brother. I grew up always having my brother’s to protect me, which I really liked – most of the time.

I have to say, my brother’s and I had an amazing childhood. Our parents were very successful business people which gave them time freedom. I remember my mom volunteering in my classes all through my early years of school. My parents were open and loved interacting with my friends. As we grew up my brothers’ friends and mine were always over at our house for sleepovers, or just to hang out.

I went to college and got my business degree. My dream was to own my own successful photography studio. I love taking pictures. That dream did come true by the way.

My parents have been entrepreneur’s my whole life. I have learned a lot from them about running businesses. I have learned that a lot of one’s success depends on their mind-set. My parent’s taught me from an early age not to think in terms of “I can’t”, or “setting limits”. BUT… nothing is impossible – what we think and imagine in our minds can absolutely become our reality.

The majority of what I will be writing about here on NSW Storms is to take what I have learned from my parent’s, brother’s and other mentor’s in my life,¬†and to pay it forward. Because, at the end of the day, not every day is a great day in the life of an entrepreneur. Storms in the business world will come. Tough days will be there. What I have found, success is a mindset. How you handle those storms and tough times are what will dictate how successful you become.

Since I love taking pictures, I’ll probably throw in some beautiful pics of NSW from time to time as well.

I would love to connect with other entrepreneurs all over the world. If that’s you, let’s connect and who knows, maybe we can share and strategize together!



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