GivingProfessional giving. This type of giving is also known as corporate giving.  It’s easy to rattle off these reasons over my first cup of coffee.  We give as a form of marketing.  We give for tax benefits, for social recognition and out of tradition.

Marketing Giving. Philanthropy.  We give with our name attached. We give through sponsorships and merchandising. We spend money to have our name printed on t shirts, banners, brochures, websites, and in commercials.  We give to tie our name to a great cause or purpose.

Tax benefits. This is the most practical reason to give.  We give money to organizations, charities and non profits and take a tax break for it. We give personally for this same reason.

Social Recognition. We give to get our name on a brick, a bench or listed in the sponsorship section of a program.  We give for a reputation of being generous and involved. We want to be known in the circles that matter. We hope to have our name spoken and seen in as many places in as many ways as possible.

Tradition.  We give because our parents gave.  We give because its the right thing to do.  We give because its just what we do. There may not even be a motivation behind this than just because.

Personal giving. Now on to the real reasons we give!  These are internal reasons that come with internal rewards.  They aren’t shared and bring little professional value. My hope for you as you read through these, is that you find a little bit of yourself in them.

Your Values. The things you invest in, really invest in; the things that pull at your heart, the things you want to be bigger than daily reality, they reveal your values.  They reveal what you find important, what you believe in and what you’re passionate about. Whether you’re investing in troubled youth, abused women, recovering addicts, animals, music, low income housing or a whole myriad of worthwhile purposes. These may not be full of glory or social recognition but they are a direct reflection of who you are, part of your why.

Your happiness. At the end of every day, its your reflection you have to look at in the mirror. Some nights, as my mind slows down and I look back over my day, my week, and sort through my emotions, I find myself seeing the good and feeling the neglected.  It’s during the quiet of the night life comes tumbling down. I am happy.  I am happy, fulfilled, to be a part of something bigger than me.  We all want to see change.  Gandhi said it best when he said, “Be the change you wish to see in the world.”  Be the change. I am happiest when I am the change.  Knowing I make a difference, knowing I am storing treasures where no moth or rust can destroy, gives me peace. It makes me happy.  When happiness comes from the inside and its not based on external factors, it’s real.

Money loses its value.  When we don’t hold so hard onto something, it loses strength.  If my priorities include giving, the accumulation of wealth isn’t my sole purpose of what I do every day.  If my priority is solely the accumulation of wealth, money is the most important priority every single day. It leaves little room for other things that have value. We want money to lose its value.  I want money to be a benefit, not the purpose of what I do. I want to share those benefits with other. I want to assign money its value, not have it dictate its value in my life.

Oh how I love to give!  I love to give my time.  I love to invest my money and resources into people who are being the change.  Find that one thing, or two, that gets your fire going, that causes you to stand proud on a soap box, one that helps you find……..

YOUR happy!

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Your Why

Your Why

I love what I do.  I may not love every single thing every single day but I love what I do. I love opening my inbox over a fresh pot of coffee in the quiet of the morning.  I love meeting business owners day after day, listening to their stories, understanding them. Each owner I meet, I ask two questions: How did you decide to do what you do and why do you do what you do.  I am often surprised at the answers. The how’s come in a whole patchwork of answers. Some take over a family business, others leave their line of work to venture on their own and others have started a business out of curiosity.  Most people have skills, or a strong desire to have a skill and run with it. The why though, has a constant answer, they love it.  Hands down, end of the day, they love what they do. Many owners tell me, if you love what you do, you’ll never work a day in your life.

What is your why?  Why do you do what you do?  Whether you do your own thing or work for someone else, hoping to work for yourself, you have a why. Most of us work for an income.  That’s a noble why.  There is no shame in earning a living.  Aside from those few blessed people who work to stay busy or get out of the house, income is the core why we all do what we do.  Income is a fluid term and means different things to different people.  All income is to support a lifestyle, whether its expensive toys, nice homes or even as simple as being able to be with your family more, there is no set amount. What I mean is, some people strive for higher incomes to fund retirement accounts, take nice vacations, drive new cars or put their kids through college.  Others settle for smaller incomes, with less pressure and time commitments so they can spend time with their family, have hobbies, or volunteer.  It is a very large spectrum income needs fall into.  Regardless of where you are on it, it drives you.

But really, what is your why?  Income is like air, we all need it.  But we all want our air a little different.  Some of us like it full of quiet, listening to a creek.  Others like it full of energy, listening to hustle and bustle.  Others like it with lots of background noise of kids playing and seagulls chattering. There are those who breathe challenges, pushing themselves long after their bodies have tired.  Others enjoy the quiet breathing of a sleeping baby.  Your why really is more complicated than the task of earning an income.

Stop for a moment and think of your happy place.  My happiest place is outside.  I would love to be outside, in the summer sun, reading a book surrounded by my kids playing hard, camping.  Not a small order!  That is what makes me most happy.  Why is hat my happy place?  I love to read.  I love to be outside. I love campfires and camping food.  I love being warm without having to get warm. I love that my kids pay outside, on their bikes, in the water or tossing the football back and forth. I love all those things.  I love the simplicity, the tranquility and togetherness that brings.  That is my why.  I don’t love all the things and time it takes to make that happen, but I’m willing because I love it.

How do I transfer my happy place to work?  I love reading, so I read.  A lot.  I read blogs. I read emails.  I read testimonies and stories and motivational speeches. I read magazines and books. There are very few things I won’t pick up to read, or at least flip through.  How do I take this passion and turn it into an income?  I share what I’ve learned.  I summarize or expand on it.  I challenge it or agree with it. Then I blog about it.  I share it in conversation or in seminars. I really do love to do that!  That is a why.

I love being surrounded by people.  Ask anyone about themselves, particularly business owners and you can have the best conversations. I learn so much by listening, asking questions, working hard to understand topics, ideas or lines of work I know nothing about.  Every conversation I have, every little something I learn, brings value to other conversations I have.  I love that!  I love learning and thinking.  I can’t keep these stories to myself. I share them with others. I write.  I speak.  I lead others through finding and understanding their why.

Being inspired comes externally.  Being motivated is internal. I have to know my why, what motivates me, what really motivates me, before I can commit to doing it every single day, before I can ask my family to commit to it every single day, before I can ask shareholders, loan officers or business partners. Everyone can have an idea but not everyone is motivated to make it happen.

What is your why?

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The Power of Spoken Words

Words Have Power


In this day and age, do we really understand how powerful our words are? I think that some of us do and I think that some of us have no clue how powerful what we say is.

It’s a concept I have never really taken seriously until later on in my life.

Words are the most powerful tool available to us. Whether you understand or believe it to be true or not. We can use our words for good, to build someone up and encourage others, or we can tear people down, tear a businesses success down. Words have the ability to produce life or to produce death.

With that being said, it’s important to discipline ourselves. To be careful of what we say, how we say it. It’s important to think before you speak. 1 Peter 3:10 says – “For the Scriptures say, If you want to enjoy life and see many happy days, keep your tongue from speaking evil and your lips from telling lies.” If you want to enjoy your life and see happy days then speak life not hurtful words. Rather speak kindness, love, encouragement and empathy.

This also means that if you have a negative feeling, it doesn’t need to be spoken. For when you speak something you’re now giving it power. Words have power. When we speak, we should speak after first taking a moment to contemplate what we are about to say.

This is so true about your business. A business can take time to build. As I have already mentioned throughout this blog, storms will come. That doesn’t mean you have to give more life to the challenges that you face. When someone asks you how your business is going, it’s not a good idea to tell them all the negative things that may be happening. Instead, talk about how blessed you are to have your business, that there are challenging days, but every day is a day where your business is moving forward, a day to learn, a day to overcome, and most importantly a day to give speak life into your business. When you speak about your business, be careful and thoughtful about what you will say. Our words really matter. Keep the negative out of your language. Speak positivity instead.

In my study of the bible, I have learned so much about my life. Our thoughts become words and our words produce life or death. I firmly believe that our lives are going in the direction of our thoughts. If our thoughts are constantly negative, then what we are speaking is negativity. While sometimes our thoughts can be negative – it’s important to begin to re-train our minds to focus more on positivity. A thought doesn’t have to take on any meaning. It’s what we do with those thoughts – agree and speak it, or disagree with it and speak differently about the situation.

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Coaches.  Role Models.  Mentors.  Trainers.  Teachers.  Advisors. We all have them. As business owners, we need them even more, for more than one reason.

Clara Barton has always been a woman I admire. I read about her as a young girl and have always thought her a brave and highly intelligent woman.  In a time when women were highly undervalued, she knew her abilities and pursued her passion.  She didn’t stop at what she could do, she grew her dream to inspire people to do it as well.  In perspective, this is what most of us hope to do with our dreams as well.

It was when Clara was spending time in Europe that she was first introduced to the Red Cross.  She brought their ideas to America to develop the American Red Cross. This bright lady surrounded herself around like-minded people, asking lots of questions and watching growth and challenges before formally forming the American Red Cross.  Her story is a powerful example of why we need mentors in our lives.

It’s easy to find a book, a blog or a podcast to follow.  They are informational and inspirational, both equally necessary to the success of growing any business.  They offer information on topics you didn’t even know you needed to know. They inspire you in a few short words and can create incredible paradigm shifts.  I don’t want to take away from the importance of these resources but I do want to stress the need for a conversing mentor.

Mentors help inform, inspire and problem solve.  Mentors help you brainstorm ideas.  They challenge you to think outside the box.  They can share experiences of what worked well, what didn’t and why.  The remind you why you do what you do, see what your strengths are and celebrate your successes. They look for opportunities in your failures and do overs.  They listen to you rant about deadlines and clients and finances and miscommunication and employees and contracts and everything else.

When looking for a mentor, I have a couple suggestions. You don’t want an equal, you want someone wiser, more experienced, successful, has the time and most importantly, genuine.

With experience, comes wisdom.  A great mentor has experience. They have experienced hard times, struggles, and learned to overcome obstacles.  They also have achieved success and are proud of all they have done. They are aware of what it took and the realities of perseverance and commitment. Starting up a new venture or growing an existing one creates lots of forks in the road, lots of opportunities and decisions.  Find a mentor who is aware of what it took, why he or she did what they did, what they learned, what they wish they would have done differently and what decisions they are most proud of.  They should be able to look into your future and help predict obstacles.

A mentor should have a library of success stories!  These can be regarding clients, finances, inventions, projects, conversations, relationships and much more. Little successes lead to the big ones.  They will be able to tell you the things they did right in order to land the big contract, to woo a client, to create the perfect protocol or art, or have so many returning clients, the work feeds itself. They can share prioritizing time, how to have difficult conversations, what to look for in employees, when to borrow and when to save, how to analyze the market, when to press on and when to walk away. It really is the little things and you want someone who lives that.

Finally, you want someone who has time to chat and who is genuine.  They need to care about what you do. They need to believe in what you do.  Meeting with your mentor can be formal but most good conversation happens informally.  It happens without prompting and lots of time unintentionally. You want someone who can see humor, possibilities and the light at the end of the tunnel.

The last piece of advice I want to give you is to find someone outside your current circle of influence. A mentor should be someone specific to your business, not to other areas of your life. You could have a family, hobbies, organizations you work with, and even a day job.  Those areas, at times, can affect what you’re trying to do. It’s important to not be confused by the overflow of one into the other. Its hard work to not let the emotion of other areas impact this one. You need an unbiased, unemotional, unvested person to speak to this one area.  You don’t want someone afraid of hurting your feelings or damaging the relationship between the two. It can be a challenge understanding friendship and mentor lines.  They blurs easily.

I wish you luck on your journey to find a mentor!  Visit your local Chamber, Rotary Club, or any civic organization to find a whole slew of successful people. And remember, pay attention to what works. Someday, you may become someone else’s mentor.

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Social Media

Social Media - Beaverton OregonHello and welcome to another post on how to prevent those storms from affecting your business. If you haven’t had an opportunity yet, check out my article I wrote on creating a budget.

Today’s topic – Social Media. It is the life-blood of your business. Regardless of who you are, where you live, or age – you’re on the internet. It doesn’t matter what for, you’re on the internet. It can be to buy something off of amazon or to find a restaurant that’s local to you with good reviews.

Social media. What is it why do I need it and how do I go about creating these listings?


Creating A Budget


Hello and welcome back! Today’s topic – Budgeting. Sounds fun right? I know it’s the dreaded budget but it’s a must in order to set yourself up for success. If you missed my last post on personal development, be sure to check it out here.

Okay here we go!

Creating a Budget can be a daunting task, especially as a small business.  You have to predict expenses in a very fluid, ever changing environment. It’s important to have a budget regardless of how small of a business you are – to prevent those storms from affecting your business, a budget is a must.


Personal Development

Beaverton - Personal Development

Personal Development – What is it anyways?

Hello and welcome to my blog. My name is Jessica and I write to small businesses, offering tips on how to weather the storms when they come. If you haven’t had an opportunity yet, check out my post on mindset here.

Personal Development

It plays a very important job in growing as a person. Reading books by some of the greats will really change your life and change the way you think. We can’t become anything differently until we get our thoughts in alignment. (more…)


Success in Beaverton Or

Now that you’ve heard my thoughts on The Compound Effect. Let’s further discuss your mindset.

Mindset will make or break your company, will limit how far you can go. It’s easier to give up at times then to keep moving forward. Carpet Service Beaverton is a company that gets it. Creative Web Consulting – Wow is all I can say about that company as well. Both of these companies are successful and they knew far before they opened up the doors that they would succeed. What sets business a part. – Mindset.

I have grown up thankfully with parents who never set limits in their minds. But what I loved about them was when challenges (not problems) arose they talked about them in front of us kids. We got to hear the way they spoke. I know without a shadow of doubt, we can’t go anywhere we haven’t already gone in our mind. And if our minds are not allowing us to think big or dream big – well then nothing big is going to happen in your life. What we know to be possible in our minds is what allows us to grow or to stay stagnant.

Our minds can either work for us or against us. We choose – yes we choose. How many times do we stop and think about our thinking? I encourage you to begin thinking about your thinking. How many times do we let thoughts come in that are negative and we do nothing about them? My guess – It happens all the time.

Becoming aware of our thoughts is the first step.. Next we must do something with them.

What do we do?

If it’s a positive thought – we allow the thought in. We allow it to grow. We imagine it in detail.

On the other hand, if it’s a negative thought – we can do all of the above OR we can dismiss it, get rid of it, and speak the opposite out of our mouths. Yes you heard me correct. Speak the positive counter to that negative thought. Then allow yourself to think about that positive thought. Allow it to grow. And imagine it in detail.

Think about this, what makes a millionaire different than the average human being, or, the person in poverty? What really sets them a part? Chances are both are of average IQ. Both went to school. One may have had a lot more help. Gone to college. But what really makes us different?

Everyone who is born has the ability to accomplish amazing things in this life. Yes in this life. It’s what we choose to do with our lives that sets us a part from others. It’s the every day choices we make (which I’ll get into choices in another post.)

Besides the choices, what sets us a part is most definitely our mindset. If we have thoughts of limits on ourselves ALL the stinkin’ time – how are our circumstances going to change?

Our minds. They are complicated. They are powerful. They are strong – if we allow them to be. They are able to come up with amazing ideas. Our minds. We put limits on our minds – we have just put a limit on everything that will happen in our lives.

When things don’t work out the first time. The storm comes. We fail. Then what?

We still can choose the thoughts that go on in our minds. The entrepreneur will pick themselves back up and keep moving forward. They won’t allow the negative thoughts to come in. They will block them and speak the opposite out of their mouths. Yes they dictate what their mind will think.

Am I sounding crazy or am I making any sense?

We will, everyone will have something that happens in this life that makes them feel like a failure. That’s life. But what I hope your understanding, is you don’t have to settle. You don’t have to claim that thought over yourself.

You can rise above, get your boots back on and ride out the storm. Your mind should be set on “I can.” “I am.” and “I will.”

This process is a lifetime. It’s not going to happen over night where you have this different mindset. But you can and will have it if you choose too.

In this life. In your business. Even when the storms come, because they will, the possibilities of what lies ahead are endless. They really are. You just have to set your mind on the thoughts that help you, not hurt you.

Today, choose to become aware of your thoughts – you will be surprise to realize how much garbage you let in. Today choose to fight those negative thoughts. Choose to renew your mind with positive thoughts, positive dreams.

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Thanks for hanging out with me!

Taking the first step

Hello all. Here is my first article!! Today I will be talking all about taking the first step to becoming an entrepreneur. It probably won’t be what you were expecting though. If you haven’t had the opportunity to check out my first post, click here to read it now!

Many people have amazing ideas, but they dismiss them because THEY were the ones to come up with the idea – and so it automatically must not be that great of an idea. Other times people are just too scared to even act on the idea. My questions to you, reading this:

  • Did you dream as a child?
  • Did you stop dreaming?
  • When did you stop dreaming?
  • Are you comfortable just being mediocre?


Welcome to my new website!

Hello all. i’m stoked to be writing to all of you!!!

Welcome to my new website called NSW Storms. I wanted to take this opportunity to say, “hello.” My name is Jessica. I’m an NSW entrepreneur paying it forward.

Find out more about me here. The purpose of this new website, is to help you weather the storms of owning your on business. I’ll be sharing about things I’ve learned in the past, things i’m currently learning, and hiccups that I am encountering and how I am weathering those storms as well. Though it all you will see how I have fallen, I have failed. But the difference is I keep getting up.

To get started, I am going to take you through some of the basics in beginning your own business. I will be focusing on your mindset. You see I have come across many many people who limit what they can become. I love this quote:

“The only person you are destined to become is the person you decide to be.” —Ralph Waldo Emerson.

I’m exited for this journey and to pay it forward. Regardless of what business you begin, or are in, success is a choice.

Tomorrow, I’ll be back to share something near and dear to my heart.

See ya tomorrow.

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