Taking the first step

Hello all. Here is my first article!! Today I will be talking all about taking the first step to becoming an entrepreneur. It probably won’t be what you were expecting though. If you haven’t had the opportunity to check out my first post, click here to read it now!

Many people have amazing ideas, but they dismiss them because THEY were the ones to come up with the idea – and so it automatically must not be that great of an idea. Other times people are just too scared to even act on the idea. My questions to you, reading this:

  • Did you dream as a child?
  • Did you stop dreaming?
  • When did you stop dreaming?
  • Are you comfortable just being mediocre?

I’m here to tell you – you have so much potential, if only you will allow yourself to dream again.

You may think that because of my childhood, I kinda just had everything handed to me. Not true, not true at all. I’ve had to learn, grow and take action all on my own. My parents nor anyone else could ever have made me take this huge leap…

Need some help with this – beyond my blog? Great I highly suggest getting your nose into books. The Compound Effect by Darren Hardy is a great place to start. Dont just take my word for it, take a look at this video I found!!!

I’m here to tell you, nothing ever happens by sitting on the side-lines of your life.

Okay so here it goes: Darren Hardy points out that success doesn’t just happen over night. We must work hard, at what we want. Our world is becoming more and more fast-paced. We have the attitude of, I want it now. I need you to realize this today… Please understand anything in life that you want – takes time, patience, and hard work to get to where we want to be in life. There is no just getting it handed to you….

So according to Darren Hardy’s book, what really works to get extraordinary lasting results:

  1. Pick 6 things that you can do really really really well – get good at 6 things not 5,000.
  2. How to win every time – to achieve any goal and out do any competitor regardless of who they are
  3. The hiccups that come to try and stop you from meeting their goals
  4. How to get yourself motivated and keeping that motivation
  5. Momentum – understand how momentum works, how to attain it and when you do, you will become unstoppable.
  6. Acceleration the secrets of today’s overachievers

That’s that, it’s a collection of the best success practices and disciplines that apply to anyone regardless of where you’re at in life. If you haven’t read The Compound Effect, I’m giving it my full recommendation. If you let it, it will change your life.

Are you ready to become an active participant in your life? If so, take the first step. What excites me, is to find business that have done just that They have taken life at their terms, have learned important disciplines to become successful.

Thanks for stopping by! Can’t wait for you to visit again. If you want to get into contact with me, Click Here.

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