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Now that you’ve heard my thoughts on The Compound Effect. Let’s further discuss your mindset.

Mindset will make or break your company, will limit how far you can go. It’s easier to give up at times then to keep moving forward. Carpet Service Beaverton┬áis a company that gets it. Creative Web Consulting – Wow is all I can say about that company as well. Both of these companies are successful and they knew far before they opened up the doors that they would succeed. What sets business a part. – Mindset.

I have grown up thankfully with parents who never set limits in their minds. But what I loved about them was when challenges (not problems) arose they talked about them in front of us kids. We got to hear the way they spoke. I know without a shadow of doubt, we can’t go anywhere we haven’t already gone in our mind. And if our minds are not allowing us to think big or dream big – well then nothing big is going to happen in your life. What we know to be possible in our minds is what allows us to grow or to stay stagnant.

Our minds can either work for us or against us. We choose – yes we choose. How many times do we stop and think about our thinking? I encourage you to begin thinking about your thinking. How many times do we let thoughts come in that are negative and we do nothing about them? My guess – It happens all the time.

Becoming aware of our thoughts is the first step.. Next we must do something with them.

What do we do?

If it’s a positive thought – we allow the thought in. We allow it to grow. We imagine it in detail.

On the other hand, if it’s a negative thought – we can do all of the above OR we can dismiss it, get rid of it, and speak the opposite out of our mouths. Yes you heard me correct. Speak the positive counter to that negative thought. Then allow yourself to think about that positive thought. Allow it to grow. And imagine it in detail.

Think about this, what makes a millionaire different than the average human being, or, the person in poverty? What really sets them a part? Chances are both are of average IQ. Both went to school. One may have had a lot more help. Gone to college. But what really makes us different?

Everyone who is born has the ability to accomplish amazing things in this life. Yes in this life. It’s what we choose to do with our lives that sets us a part from others. It’s the every day choices we make (which I’ll get into choices in another post.)

Besides the choices, what sets us a part is most definitely our mindset. If we have thoughts of limits on ourselves ALL the stinkin’ time – how are our circumstances going to change?

Our minds. They are complicated. They are powerful. They are strong – if we allow them to be. They are able to come up with amazing ideas. Our minds. We put limits on our minds – we have just put a limit on everything that will happen in our lives.

When things don’t work out the first time. The storm comes. We fail. Then what?

We still can choose the thoughts that go on in our minds. The entrepreneur will pick themselves back up and keep moving forward. They won’t allow the negative thoughts to come in. They will block them and speak the opposite out of their mouths. Yes they dictate what their mind will think.

Am I sounding crazy or am I making any sense?

We will, everyone will have something that happens in this life that makes them feel like a failure. That’s life. But what I hope your understanding, is you don’t have to settle. You don’t have to claim that thought over yourself.

You can rise above, get your boots back on and ride out the storm. Your mind should be set on “I can.” “I am.” and “I will.”

This process is a lifetime. It’s not going to happen over night where you have this different mindset. But you can and will have it if you choose too.

In this life. In your business. Even when the storms come, because they will, the possibilities of what lies ahead are endless. They really are. You just have to set your mind on the thoughts that help you, not hurt you.

Today, choose to become aware of your thoughts – you will be surprise to realize how much garbage you let in. Today choose to fight those negative thoughts. Choose to renew your mind with positive thoughts, positive dreams.

If you didn’t get the opportunity to read my post from yesterday, check it out here.

Thanks for hanging out with me!

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