Your Why

Your Why

I love what I do.  I may not love every single thing every single day but I love what I do. I love opening my inbox over a fresh pot of coffee in the quiet of the morning.  I love meeting business owners day after day, listening to their stories, understanding them. Each owner I meet, I ask two questions: How did you decide to do what you do and why do you do what you do.  I am often surprised at the answers. The how’s come in a whole patchwork of answers. Some take over a family business, others leave their line of work to venture on their own and others have started a business out of curiosity.  Most people have skills, or a strong desire to have a skill and run with it. The why though, has a constant answer, they love it.  Hands down, end of the day, they love what they do. Many owners tell me, if you love what you do, you’ll never work a day in your life.

What is your why?  Why do you do what you do?  Whether you do your own thing or work for someone else, hoping to work for yourself, you have a why. Most of us work for an income.  That’s a noble why.  There is no shame in earning a living.  Aside from those few blessed people who work to stay busy or get out of the house, income is the core why we all do what we do.  Income is a fluid term and means different things to different people.  All income is to support a lifestyle, whether its expensive toys, nice homes or even as simple as being able to be with your family more, there is no set amount. What I mean is, some people strive for higher incomes to fund retirement accounts, take nice vacations, drive new cars or put their kids through college.  Others settle for smaller incomes, with less pressure and time commitments so they can spend time with their family, have hobbies, or volunteer.  It is a very large spectrum income needs fall into.  Regardless of where you are on it, it drives you.

But really, what is your why?  Income is like air, we all need it.  But we all want our air a little different.  Some of us like it full of quiet, listening to a creek.  Others like it full of energy, listening to hustle and bustle.  Others like it with lots of background noise of kids playing and seagulls chattering. There are those who breathe challenges, pushing themselves long after their bodies have tired.  Others enjoy the quiet breathing of a sleeping baby.  Your why really is more complicated than the task of earning an income.

Stop for a moment and think of your happy place.  My happiest place is outside.  I would love to be outside, in the summer sun, reading a book surrounded by my kids playing hard, camping.  Not a small order!  That is what makes me most happy.  Why is hat my happy place?  I love to read.  I love to be outside. I love campfires and camping food.  I love being warm without having to get warm. I love that my kids pay outside, on their bikes, in the water or tossing the football back and forth. I love all those things.  I love the simplicity, the tranquility and togetherness that brings.  That is my why.  I don’t love all the things and time it takes to make that happen, but I’m willing because I love it.

How do I transfer my happy place to work?  I love reading, so I read.  A lot.  I read blogs. I read emails.  I read testimonies and stories and motivational speeches. I read magazines and books. There are very few things I won’t pick up to read, or at least flip through.  How do I take this passion and turn it into an income?  I share what I’ve learned.  I summarize or expand on it.  I challenge it or agree with it. Then I blog about it.  I share it in conversation or in seminars. I really do love to do that!  That is a why.

I love being surrounded by people.  Ask anyone about themselves, particularly business owners and you can have the best conversations. I learn so much by listening, asking questions, working hard to understand topics, ideas or lines of work I know nothing about.  Every conversation I have, every little something I learn, brings value to other conversations I have.  I love that!  I love learning and thinking.  I can’t keep these stories to myself. I share them with others. I write.  I speak.  I lead others through finding and understanding their why.

Being inspired comes externally.  Being motivated is internal. I have to know my why, what motivates me, what really motivates me, before I can commit to doing it every single day, before I can ask my family to commit to it every single day, before I can ask shareholders, loan officers or business partners. Everyone can have an idea but not everyone is motivated to make it happen.

What is your why?

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